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Business Empowerment Coaching:

If you are looking for a jumpstart on your business-growing success, then you need a business coach! Working one-on-one with a  business coach ensures you will be encouraged, focused, and ready to start tackling BIG goals with a dedicated coach and cheerleader in your corner!

Business coaching includes a combination of mindset work, overcoming limiting beliefs/blocks, clarifing goals, creating action steps, and establishing/strengthening stystems. The most successful businesses benefit from a coach and so can you!

"I have had the privilege to get to work with Cassie as I started my business. She has been wonderful at helping me clarify my ideas and then coming up with ways to implement them for maximum results. Cassie has a gift of seeing the big picture and guiding you with the advice you need to hear. She is practical and honest. During our weekly calls she motivates and challenges with caring and a sense of humor."

Agi Kadar- Personal Trainer and Health/Wellness Course Creator


2 Ways to Work With Me:



Clarification Package

Most business owners are pros at coming up with ideas, but easily overwhelmed when it comes to knowing which path to follow and which idea to implement first.

In the Brainstorming Clarification package we will meet  together for 60-90 minute sessions, once a week, for 4 weeks.

During these sessions we dig deep into the thick of your business goals and aspirations and together we will brainstorm the best way to get you to your destination.

Through the course of our calls we will identify the actions steps needed to get you on track to achieve BIG things in your business. We will also tackle head on any blocks. fears, or limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your success.

Upon completion of the 4 weeks, you will receive a follow-up packet complete with an overviw of our time together and a customized strategic plan for your business. 

From frazzled to focused in 4 weeks!

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Business Strategy


If you are one of those people who don’t do anything halfway and starting and growing your business is no different, then this is the package for you!

The Business Strategy Plan  walks you through crafting an individualized business plan that will give you direction, clarity, and a detailed path to follow whether you are looking to start your business or grow and scale an existing business. 

We will strategically build your business plan through eight weekly 45-60 minute coaching calls. During these calls we will establish mini-goals, steps to achieve those goals, and work towards a big “win” by the end of the 8 weeks.

The Business Strategy Session is a faith-centered, whole picture, action plan for your business. Upon completion of our time together you will walk away with a focused and motivating plan to get you on the path to long-term success!

This package is designed exclusively for business owners who are looking for break-through results in 6 weeks and new businesses looking to create a strategic action plan for BIG results.

8 Weeks to Massive Results!

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Amity Jones-Realtor turned Online Relationship Coach

“Working with Cassie has helped me to get more in-tuned to what I needed to put my focus on.  She has been so helpful in guiding me to how to get my business up and running.  I love the fact she knows what it's like to have a store front business and she knows what works and what doesn't work as well as how to build a business online.  Don't let her knowledge pass you by!"



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"I have loved my coaching sessions with Cassie! I am now on the path to making my business a reality because of the time spent together. I have had the confidence to get a business license and an actual business checking account The hardest part for me so far has been having to use my families resources to do what I needed to in order to get the business going. This always made me feel guilty because I knew we couldn't afford it, but now I don't have to do that."

Meta Headrick-Baker and Party Specialist