5 Tips for Husband's Support

5 Tips to get your Husband’s Support for your Freelance Business

Guest Author: Desi-Ann Gordon founder of Caribbean Virtual Assistants

You are all fired up to work from home! You know your WHY, you’ve chosen your niche and you’re gearing to go. I get it. This was your dream for many years and now you see how it can become a reality.  

Now you’re faced with your biggest challenge: How do I get my husband to support this move? Can any of you ladies relate to this?

Been there done that! It took almost a year for my husband to feel comfortable with it. There were arguments along the way especially when it came to spending time, working late at night, and so on.  And of course, any good man wants to ensure his family has the finances to keep them going.

So this idea of working from home has its uncertainties and many questions: 

  • How will she get clients?
  • Will people pay what she’s worth?
  • Can she make enough to help cover our expenses?

These are just some of the concerns your husband will have. And Matthew 18:19 emphasizes the power of agreement. Need I say more?

Let’s face it. Your husband is probably scared because he wants to be sure this decision is a viable one. 

And yes, there is hope.

I saw our conflicts turn into agreements. Our tense moments transform into him volunteering advice. He even cheered me on with words of encouragement and buying items for my business. 

Isn’t our God AMAZING! 

Some of you reading this may be experiencing a similar challenge. So here are some tips that helped me:

1. Show your husband a business plan. 

This won’t cost you a cent. There are free templates online. 

Your business plan is an outline of how you plan to do business. It will cover areas such as:

  • the products/services you wish to offer
  • your desired target group
  • your competitors

Include a forecast of your income and expenses. In other words, show your husband how you intend to make money and how it can benefit him. You want to allay his fears and show him that your idea can work.

Check out this post on creating a Godly Visibility Plan as a great place to get started!

2. Keep updating him about your earnings. 

When he starts to see the $$$$, it will make a huge difference! You can go a step further and insert an actual column in your income and expenditure spreadsheet. That way your spouse will see how you are progressing. You might be surprised; he or she may have some valuable tips to boost your earnings!

3. Have regular check-ins on the status.

Let him know when you land a new client. Discuss projects you’re working on. Share any challenges you’re facing. Ask for his advice. 

4. Schedule family time with your husband and children (if you have). 

One of the reasons why we want to work from home is to enjoy more quality time with our family. So add family time to your calendar. Disconnect from all devices and let your family connect with you.

5. Celebrate your successes with him. 

I remember when I got my first payments, I decided to surprise my husband. He came home from work one afternoon and I handed him some cash. I told him it was a small token to show him how I appreciated his support. Well I don’t have to tell you how happy that made him feel!

Think about it. Your husband is committing to something that is risky in the early days so why not celebrate with him? 

Consider buying him a special dinner or a small gift. Do something that will show him that you are making this work and you are happy for his support.

What are some other ways you can get your husband to support your desire to work from home? Share with us in the comments.

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Featured Guest Author:

Hello! I am Desi-Ann Gordon from Trinidad & Tobago. My husband and I have been happily married for almost 16 years and I have two future leaders who call me ‘mummy’. I write for Christian blogs, higher education websites, and other niches.

I began my business, Caribbean Virtual Assistants, to inspire persons in the Caribbean to experience the kind of freedom, flexibility and family time that I enjoy every day.

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