90 day goal setting for believers in business

90 Day Goal Setting for Believers in Business

90 day goal setting for believers in business

If you have been in business for any time at all, then I know you are familiar with the importance of setting goals for your business. From keeping you focused, to encouraging action taking, to motivating your team to work towards a common cause, goal setting has many powerful benefits. Today I’m going to share a little about 90 day goal setting for believers in business and how it can give your business a huge boost.

Goal Setting Basics

One of the challenges of goal setting is knowing when and how to set goals that will really move the needle forward. Yearly goals give a false sense of security as we can easily justify putting off tasks that need done until later as we have “plenty of time.” Monthly goals are good, but 30 days come and go so quickly that it can seem like we just don’t have enough time to really get the momentum up to reach bigger aspirations. That is where the genius of 90-Day goal setting really comes into play.

90 Day Goals are perfectly broken up to provide you with four big goals per year. They provide long enough chunks of time to get big things accomplished, but short enough to maintain momentum and focus. Since I’ve started using 90-Day goal setting in my own business, I’ve written and self-published an Amazon best-selling book, created and sold my first program, launched Christian Women Business Builders, and hosted my first retreat. Setting 90-Day or quarterly goals has truly transformed what I accomplish in my business, and I know it can do the same for you!

What Role Does Our Faith Play?

When it comes to setting goals as a believer in business, we know that the Lord orders our steps and we are here to glorify Him and His kingdom. It is with that truth in mind that we go into this process by asking the Lord to reveal his B.I.G. goals for us and our businesses. Click HERE to learn more about what is a B.I.G. goal. Once we have spent time with the Lord and His vision for our business, it’s time to start setting those 90-Day goals and getting them to work for us inside our businesses.

How to Set 90 Day Goals

The key to setting effective 90-Day goals is to start by brainstorming out a list of B.I.G goals/ideas of things you would like to accomplish in the next 1-3 years in your business. From there highlight the ones that you would need to accomplish first in order to make the remaining goals a reality. 
Once you have your list narrowed down to the top 5 or so ideas, I like to take time to consider whether each goal could realistically fit into a 90-day timeframe. This can take a little bit of experience and testing to get right, but I recommend erring on the side of going for bigger goals than you first think possible. 
For example, when it came time to write my first book, I could have easily told myself that I would need two 90-day time blocks. One would be used to write the book and the second would focus on the editing, publishing, and launch. By holding myself to a 90-Day timeframe, I actually found that I procrastinated less and had way more excitement and therefore momentum than if I had stretched the process out into a longer chunk of time. Challenge yourself to go towards bigger goals in shorter time periods than you currently think possible and you may just surprise yourself!
From there, select the 4 main goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months and set them in order in your calendar! In order to make this process easier and guide you on laying them out effectively, we have created the “90 Day Goal Crusher Planner” for you for FREE!  Be sure to grab your copy and get started on mapping out your 90-Day goals!

How to Achieve your 90-Day Goals:

Learning how to set 90-Day goals is great, but the real magic happens when you learn how to actually accomplish those big goals in your business! Achieving your 90-Day goals comes down to how well you are able to break those goals down into action steps that you actually complete! Inside our “90-Day Goal Crusher Planner for Believers in Business,” we have broken down those big 90-Day goals into Monthly, Weekly, and Daily mini-goals that keep you motivated and moving forward.
• Monthly Target Goals are designed to break that big goal down into 3 smaller chunks that keep you motivated and help you stay on target.
• Weekly Progress Goals allow you to monitor your progress every 7 days and keep that momentum strong!
• Daily Action Tasks are designed to create tangible steps that can be organized and prioritized every single working day in order to actually get that goal moving into reality. No goals are achieved without consistent, daily action!

What To Do Now:

If you’re ready to try 90-Day Goal setting for believers in business, then it’s time to reach out and utilize some of the helpful resources out there! Start by grabbing your “90-Day Goal Crusher Planner” to help document and break down your B.I.G. goals. I highly recommend getting a copy printed out (should be less than $10 or so!) so you can write, brainstorm, and revisit your goals easily. 
From there, I invite you to join our Free community of believers in business on Facebook so we can journey with you and cheer you on as you accomplish great things in your growing business!
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90 day goal setting
90 day goal setting

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