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Building a 6-Figure Online Business as a Believer

When I stepped away from my brick and mortar design business over 4 years ago, I had no idea how much I still needed to learn in order to build a 6-figure coaching business as a believer. I naively thought that I could simply transfer the skills I had learned in over a decade in the “real” world and see similar success in the online space.

Imagine my surprise when two years later, I was still working through the “basics” of building an online business with little to show for my efforts. On the path to building a 6-figure online business, I made a ton of mistakes, spent way more time and money than needed,and invested in many resources before I or my business was ready. 

Eventually, the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to bring it all together and build a business that surpassed the 6-figure mark in one year of business and I’m going to share the top three things I learned from my journey to hopefully help you get there quicker!

Lesson #1: Focus on Mastering the Stage You’re In

Focus intently on building your business in the stage you’re at instead of the stage you want to be. This one lesson has truly changed everything about how I build and run my business. Starting out, I invested way too much and way too early to learn skills and techniques for the stage of business I wanted to be at instead of fully leaning into mastering the skills and techniques for where I was so that I could move forward faster.

When I look back at the wasted time and money, I have the hindsight now to see how leveling up before I was ready did little to encourage me to move faster, but instead left me feeling stuck, less-than, and overwhelmed at how much I still needed to do in order to be ready to implement. 

Thankfully the Lord revealed His better way and I was finally humbled enough to listen. By taking the time to master the basics, I was able to move forward quicker than ever before. This is exactly why I’m so passionate about helping other believers in business grow their businesses through mastering the stages of business. Business School for Believers is the program I wish I had when I got into online business over 4 years ago. Our team of incredible instructors and fellow business owners walk business owners through mastering the skills and mindsets necessary to grow to consistent 4-figure months with the Lord at the lead every step of the way!

Lesson #2: Refine Your Process in Order to Scale

While going through my searching and seeking years, I launched a multitude of offers. I thought that there must be something wrong with what I was offering instead of really leaning into refining the services and processes that I was offering in order to get my clients the best results. As an entrepreneur you may relate to having idea overload and for most of us, it’s more exciting to work on something new rather than refine what you’ve already done.

While I do think it is possible to grow to 6-figures with a multitude of offers, I can say from experience (my own and countless others), that the fastest way to 6-figures is creating one core offer and growing, refining, and perfecting it until it is a truly valuable product that can be scaled.

Once I stopped offer hopping and started working on truly leaning into doing my best work and packaging it in a way that I could serve more people at a higher level, everything changed. I went from feeling trapped and suffocated by having to find, sell to, and serve one-on-one clients, to feeling excited, empowered, and freed up to serve groups of women on the same journey. 

The 6-figure offer creation process I now teach to incredible women of faith, came to completion only by committing to one offer and refining in over and over again until it was something that was truly valuable. This is how a 6-figure business is built. Through creating something of value, packaging it in a way that frees your time up, and refining it until it is truly a stand-out product that helps other people achieve their own dreams and desires! To learn more about our six-figure creation process, I invite you to join our free 5-Day Challenge at http://elevateyourofferchallenge.com where we will be walking you through the exact process to take your existing offer and elevate it into a 6-figure offer!

Lesson #3: Build Your Business in Community

Building any business is hard. Building an online business is even harder in my opinion. In brick and mortar business, you have a physical location where people can see you, share your location, stop by and see you, stop in for a visit, and it usually comes with built-in neighbors and a local networking community.

Online, you have none of those advantages. Everything you build online has to be intentionally built with community in mind if you want to reap the benefits of not having to do business alone. Building in community looks different for every business and depending on your goals, but I truly believe that EVERY business can benefit from building community into their business model. 

Inside my growth to building a 6-figure business, community has been an integral part of my growth. From building a free FB community of like minded women (Check it out for yourself HERE!) to working with other faith-based coaches to build both of my coaching programs, to networking with other Christian leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs, my biggest growth opportunities have all come from the relationships I’ve made through building intentional community.

My first 6-figure year in business came in fact from partnering with Faith and Sales coach, Heather Dollar, as we crafted the program that eventually became the Six Figure Offer program. Through partnering with a coach that excelled in the areas that I was not as strong in, we were able to create a program that far surpassed anything that we could have ever built alone! Not only did we have the encouragement, support, and strength from each other, but now our clients get to experience the best of both of us inside our program! Now that’s a win-win!

If building 1 6-figure business in community sounds like something you want to explore for your business, come and visit us inside our free community off of social media where we share all about how to build a Six-Figure business in ways that are SO against what the world teaches! Come and join us HERE!

Bringing it All Together: 

Looking back over my journey to building a 6-figure online business, I don’t regret any of the decisions made because of the lessons learned along the way. I now know how to focus on what matters most for the stage I’m in in order to accelerate the growth to the next level, and I want the same for you! If you need help determining the best next-steps for your business growth, send me an email at cassie@christianwomenbusinessbuilders.com and let’s get you on the path to building your 6-figure business with the Lord at the lead!

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