business women of the Bible

Business Women of the Bible-Priscilla the Tradeswoman

business women of the Bible

This is the second article in a 4-Part Series of “Business Women of the Bible” where we are going to scripture to glean wisdom and insight on how to build a successful business that honors the Lord. You can read about the first women of the Bible HERE and you can take the free quiz on “Which Inspiring Business Woman of the Bible Are You” to uncover which inspiring business woman of the Bible you are most like!

For our second inspiring business woman of the Bible we are going to learn about Priscilla the Tradeswoman. Priscilla was mentioned multiple times in scripture as a partner in the tent-making business with her husband Aquila. Together with her husband we are told she risked her life for Paul, opened her home to form one of the earliest churches in Ephesus, and exemplify kindness, hospitality, and hard work every time they are mentioned.
Whether you are a successful trades-woman like Priscilla (Also called Prisca), or maybe an artist, creator, coach, or service provider, you can learn from her to take great pride in a job well done and do your work with excellence. Valuing relationships and prioritizing a close relationship with the Lord can be used to encourage and lift up other believers.

Just like Priscilla, you are equipped to do a good work that adds value to the Kingdom and His people. Priscilla’s knowledge in scriptures and the teachings of Christ allowed her to speak the truth of Christ’s death and resurrection into the life of Apollos and encourage Him in his faith and work for the Lord.

Similarly, you are a talented and hard worker, always ready to meet someone in need, open your doors to a guest, and care for your family as a main priority. You prioritize the balance of home+faith+business in a way that inspires those around you.

Your business is going well…

You are making sales, starting to see results, and developing a name for yourself. Be careful though, in order to do the good work the Lord has for you, you’re going to need some help! Just like Priscilla had her husband Aquila to lean on (and probably some staff as well!), you are not expected to do everything on your own. Be open to partnering with other believers to help you make even more impact in your business and beyond!
Women like you make history if you’re willing to serve whole-heartedly and accept the help that you will need to continue the work you are called to.

The willingness of Priscilla to work alongside her husband and then the Apostle Paul opened the door to bless others in ways she could never have imagined…

The same is possible for you.

“The churches of Asia send you greetings. Aquila and Prisca, together with the church in their house, send you hearty greetings in the Lord.” 1 Corinthians 16:19

Read On For Your Personalized Bible Women Wisdom in Business Playbook from Priscilla:

  1. Grow your Team. Who convinced you that you had to do it all by yourself? If you are struggling with too much to do and too little time to do it all, I encourage you to pray for opportunities to bless out some of the work to others who can journey with you and help you accomplish more for the Kingdom.
  2. Get acquainted with other believers in business. Odds are you’ve got a skill someone else is missing and they have a skill-set that could be a HUGE blessing to you as well! Keep your eyes out for opportunities to partner with the body of Christ in new and exciting ways to expand your reach and make the most of the power of working together towards a common goal.
  3. Focus on Community. Some business tasks are more impactful than others…. Building business in community is one of those tasks that can result in amazing returns! Just like Priscilla had a focus on community(with her husband, Paul, Apollos, and then the Church in her home), you can make great impact by prioritizing community and relationships in your business.

Next steps:

If you are inspired by Priscilla and her dedication to her craft as well as her heart for serving the Lord, then I invite you to our “Better Business 3-Day Bootcamp” where we go deeper into creating a business that gives you the time and income freedom you crave! To join us, simply click HERE (link coming soon!)

business women of the Bible

business women of the Bible

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