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Mondays with

Stina Maloney

Mindset and Branding

Christina Maloney, aka Stina, is a brand strategist and mindset coach. She creates iconic brands for remarkable business women with a powerful combination of personality and psychology. Christina has a design degree from Abilene Christian University. She lives in Texas with her husband, 4 kids, 3 dogs and a guinea pig, and she's never had a day that an iced coffee couldn't make better. 



Tuesdays with

Faith Milton

Let's Talk Law


Faith Mitton is an attorney on a mission to simplify legal stuff for online coaches so they can serve MORE and stress LESS. With a laid-back and personable approach, she helps her clients navigate the complexities of intellectual property & business law in a way they can easily understand. Through her virtual law firm, she helps coaches from all over the U.S. to protect their creative genius with copyrights and trademarks. Plus, she runs a 2nd business to help coaches get launch-ready legally through budget-friendly, DIY options such as online courses and contract templates.  



Wednedsays with

Cassie Kitzmiller

Business Sales and Strategy

Cassie Kitzmiller is the founder of Christian Women Business Builders and has a passion for helping women of faith grow businesses of Impact through consistent sales and practical strategies. Cassie is a life-long learner, has a passion for business, and loves helping other women pursue the vision that the Lord has put in their hearts. 

When not busy coaching women to step up to their best, she is busy homeschooling her 3 sons, running an interior design business, or writing another Amazon best-selling book. She is a firm believer that we are all on-mission in our everyday lives and challenges others to lead their businesses with that in the front and center.


Thursdays with

Tasha Glover

Tech Tutorials and Training

Tasha is passionate about working with Kingdom entrepreneurs and partnering with them (and God) to help them storm the marketplace boldly with God’s love and leading and take their rightful place as leaders. As CEO of Tech With Tasha, she helps Kingdom minded entrepreneurs tackle technology, build communities and digitize businesses. Tasha is known for simplifying complicated processes and promoting ethical marketing strategies. In her personal life she is a devoted wife and homeschooling mom of 3.


Fridays with

Michal Slate

Finances and Leadership

Michal is a Certified Financial Planner with a master’s degree in Business Leadership from Colorado Christian University. She also has a master’s in education and is a doctoral student at Liberty University researching Christian Household Business Leadership. 

She has more than 13 years’ experience as a banker, investment advisor and Christian coach. She is the founder of Christ Focused Financial Planning and lives to help Christian Women take ownership of the call they have been given to lead their households and businesses.


Saturdays with

Katy Hassenrik

Social Marketing

Katy Hassenrik is the founder of Uphold Media, a social media management and marketing company. Katy helps purpose-driven women in business amplify their voice on social media so they can effectively share their mission with more of the world. 

Katy spent her career invested in mastering social media platforms in order to save passionate business owners the stress and time of managing their own online presence. She is a firm believer that every business is special, unique, and deserves to be KNOWN online.


Sundays with

Heather Dollar

Christ-Centered Business

Heather Dollar is a mother, wife, inspirational speaker, vision expert, chocoholic and founder of the God + Business Movement. She is also the  founder of the Sisterhood of Christian Entrepreneurs.

Heather works with God-craving female entrepreneurs to grow a profitable lifestyle business that aligns with their vision, calling and potential. She knows first-hand the struggles that come with combining God and business and seeks to empower, equip and mentor ladies to embrace their calling, up-level their faith, believe bigger and step into their FULL potential within their business.

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