earn your first or next 5k in sales

Fast Track Your Way to Earn Your First (or Next) 5k in 3 Simple Steps

reach your first 5K

As a Jesus-serving believer in business it’s ESSENTIAL to have revenue coming in in order to stay in business! That is why our focus for today is to share 3 simple steps to help you fast-track your way to earn your first or next 5k in sales.

Fast-Track to 5k Step #1:

Start with a confidence building Intro Offer. I know when I started my online business over 4 years ago I way over-complicated this first step. I wanted to help women of faith build an entire business with 1 massive offer and I was only charging $200! Looking back now, I laugh at my early attempts to over-serve and undercharge and wish I had followed the wisdom that I know understand.

The easiest way to earn your first or next 5k in your business faster and easier is to pick 1 simple problem and solve it really well! Knowing what I now know, I would have seen a lot quicker path to sales had I started helping clients in 1 area and really getting good at that, before jumping in and trying to solve a bunch of challenges at once.
Focusing in on 1 problem and 1 really effective solution allows you to speak directly to what you do, allows you to overcome imposter-syndrome faster, and gives you confidence to raise your prices earlier! What simple problem can you start providing an effective solution for today?

Fast-Track to 5k Step #2:

Once you have a simple offer with an effective solution that you can confidently bring to the marketplace, it’s time to price it with a strategy that makes selling simple. It doesn’t matter how great your offer is if you are missing a pricing structure that sets you up for sales.

In order to make your path to 5k easier and faster, I recommend a 3-Tiered Pricing Approach. In order to do this, you will start your offer at the price you are currently comfortable offering to the public. This is usually lower than what you hope to get, but will keep you from hitting the wall of imposter syndrome and talking yourself out of the sale. Once you sell 3-4 at this pricing tier you raise the next few by $50 or $100. Then, you sell those at the higher price before you raise your prices again.

This tiered-pricing approach creates genuine urgency as it allows you to honestly say there are only 2 or so remaining spots available before the price goes up! It also builds your confidence in your abilities as you sell more, get more experience, and have social-proof to back up your higher prices.

Fast-Track to 5k Step #3:

Now that you have an intro offer you can confidently sell, a pricing structure that sets you up for easy sales, it’s time for finding the people who need what you have! Marketing your offer can easily become the most challenging part of fast-tracking your way to 5k, but it doesn’t have to be!

I teach my clients and I will HIGHLY recommend to you here, to start with your warm market. So often we try to go find strangers on the internet to try to sell to when we may have real-live humans we already know who are interested and willing to invest in our help.

Many of the coaches inside Christian Women Business Builders started with this approach and they all said it is by far the easiest way to earn your first or your next 5k in sales! Starting with people who you already know and trust you takes so much of the stress out of making your first sales.

To make the most of your warm market I recommend simply starting conversations around what you are helping people to accomplish. If you truly know no one who would benefit from your product or service, you can ask your warm market if they know anyone who would benefit that they could connect you with. This warm-referral approach will often lead to your hottest leads that require the least amount of work to close a sale.

These conversations can be held via Messenger, email, phone, or over coffee, but the important thing to remember is you are not trying to sell your offer, you are seeing if they have a problem you can help them solve! When you truly start to look at your offer as a valuable solution, the weird feeling around sales goes away completely!

Final Words:

Now that you’ve learned the basics of our 3 Steps to Fast-Tracking your way to 5k, I want to give you a word of warning….learning is great, but the magic happens in implementation! With that in mind we are hosting an engaging and supportive LIVE challenge happening May 10th-May 14th, 2021 on “How to Fast-Track Your Way to Your Next 5k” inside the Christian Women Business Builders community! To register and get your free “Implementation Workbook,” sign up HERE!!

earn your first or next 5k

earn your first or next 5k

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