develop a 6-figure mindset

How to Develop a 6-Figure Mindset as a Believer in Business

develop a 6-figure mindset

If I’m correct in guessing, I would say that most business owners desire a successful business that sets them up for more income and more time freedom. If that’s the case, why are there so few entrepreneurs enjoying the fruits of all their labor? Because we must change who we are and what we believe in order to fully realize that success. The first step in building a successful 6-figure business is actually developing a 6-figure mindset as a believer in business and believing it is possible for you!

Developing the Belief Muscle

If you woke up tomorrow with the desire for a ripped and muscular body, you have a choice. You can continue to dream about it and read about it and desire it from the comfort of your armchair, or you can learn about what it takes, believe it is possible for you, and get up and start taking action towards making it a reality!

Just like the example above, you are not going to build a strong muscular body sitting in your armchair and there is no-way, no-how you are going to “accidentally” take the actions required to build your first 6-figure business.
Real growth and real change come from focused and intentional action. That type of action only happens from a clear and motivated mind that believes the results are worth the effort. In order to develop a strong belief muscle, you must not only learn what it takes, but start exercising that belief day in and day out!

Strengthening Your Money Mindset

A business that doesn’t make money is just an expensive hobby, and I’ve had enough of those to know that to be true!

Working on your money mindset as a believer in business is so essential for your on-going success and reaching your first 6-figures. I’ve seen it said that the Bible speaks more on the topic of money than it does on love! That shows you how much of a priority this is in your business and life.

We all know that a confused mind doesn’t buy, but we’ve found a confused mind also doesn’t sell. We want you selling your offer consistently, so that means you MUST work on your mindset to make it happen.

Money mindset as a believer can be a touchy subject, but we firmly believe our God owns the cattle on ALL the hills and he can richly and abundantly provide for our every need! The Lord searches our hearts for what is most important and where we are putting our faith. When we learn to have a healthy and whole relationship with money, we are giving the Lord reign over our hearts and allowing him to use us a vessel to share his love and riches with others.

Practical Ways to Grow Your Belief Muscle

If this is an area you struggle with, I highly recommend dedicating some time and focused attention on making growth in this area a priority. I know I had to do some major work on my own mindset when I set out to start my own online business!

One of the easiest ways to learn more on the subject is by checking out some Scripture-based books on the subject. There are many incredible authors that have tackled this topic and have generously shared their wisdom with the world. Some of my personal favorites are listed below with affiliate links to Amazon so you can check them out yourself!

The next way I would recommend growing your belief muscle is by committing to a more intense study of the topic led by fellow believers in business. The “21-Day Push to a 6-Figure Mindset” is a powerful program where you walk through simple, daily actions to reset your beliefs on what is possible.

The entire 21 days is dedicated to building that belief muscle to be stronger than ever before! Think of this program as a 21-Day workout plan for your mind and what is possible when you show up with focus and dedication for 21-Days of exercising your belief muscle. Are you ready to commit? Come and join us inside the 21-Day Push!

develop a 6-figure mindset

develop a 6-figure mindset

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