money mindset resources

Money Mindset Resources for Believers in Business

money mindset resources

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This post wraps up our series on “Financial Freedom as Believers in Business” (You can find the first post HERE), and I am going to be sharing some money mindset resources that have made a huge impact for myself and hundreds of others. When it comes to renewing our minds on the truth of scripture vs the false truths of this world, it is essential to look for resources that are truly focusing on the wisdom found in the word of God, and not on “wisdom” from a person. While there are thousands of great resources for human-inspired money management, I personally want my business to be built on the rock of the Lord and not anything built by human hands!

With that in mind, the money mindset resources shared below are all ones that I have had personal experience with and I believe to be based on truth from scripture. I pray that these are a blessing to you as they have been to me!

Money Mindset Resource #1:

One of the first books that I ever read on financial abundance as a believer, was Life Without Lack by Dallas Williard. Based off of Psalm 23, this book is a beautiful invitation to step fully into the life of provision, rest, and grace that the Lord intends for all his children. While this book does not go into the practical handling of money and finances, it is a wonderful place to start with the trust and heart alignment that is required to really understand the Lord’s will for his children regarding finances.

This is a book that I personally try to re-read every year and it is one that I enjoy gifting to friends and family as well. If you have ever struggled with wondering why there seems to be so much struggle and strife regarding finances, and believe in your heart that there has to be a better way, then this book is going to be balm for your soul. With over 700 5-Star ratings on Amazon, I’m not the only one who thinks so either!

Money Mindset Resource #2: How Heaven Invades Your Finances

This book is an incredible resource from Pastor Jim Baker, on how to introduce the Kingdom of Heaven and its principles into our finances here on Earth. How Heaven Invades Your Finances is a book loaded with humor, practical information, and powerful heart revelations for believers in any stage of their financial journey. I highly recommend this book if you have never looked deeper into breaking from the spirit of Mammon and how to truly align your personal and business finances from the influence of the world’s monetary system.

Money Mindset Resource #3: Wealth, Riches, and Money

In this deep-dive on finances according to the word of God, the authors Craig Hill and Earl Pitts, bring their combined years of experience to the reader in the form of a book absolutely loaded with scriptural revelation. By going deeper into the meaning of the root words, meanings, and context of the times, the authors deliver a book on finances that is one that I have earmarked multiple places and will return to often. Did you know what the difference between wealth, riches, and money is according to scripture? I didn’t before this book and I am so grateful that I took the time to read and understand these pivotal truths for myself!

If you are at all interested in learning more about finances and how we are to align our hearts, manage it as good stewards, and increase our capacity for serving the Lord, then “Wealth, Riches, and Money” is a great resource for diving into the deep end of what the Bible really says about our finances!  From the purpose of tithing, to how to close the circle on our personal finances, to truly stewarding well from a Kingdom perspective, this book covers it all and covers it all well.

Money Mindset Resource #4: Poverty, Riches, and Wealth

Kris Vallotton, senior associate leader at Bethel Church, brings us a book on prosperity according to scripture in this book dedicated to helping break the poverty spirit that plagues many modern-day believers. In “Poverty, Riches, and Wealth,” Kris shares his insights on how the Lord intends for finances to be used to create radical abundance in the lives of believers everywhere and how to break the cycle of poverty thinking for good.

With a focus on building wealth for generations to come, this book is a powerful reminder on why mastering finances truly does matter as children of the most-high King. With a focus on breaking chains and stepping into the abundance that is already available to us as co-heirs of the Kingdom of God, this book is a great starting point or continuation on your journey to mastering finances for the glory of God and the furthering of His Kingdom here on earth!

Money Mindset Resource #5: The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide To Fearless Business Finance

This short, but sweet book on finances for the Kingdom-minded entrepreneur is a great tool to look at business finances through the lens of Kingdom principles. Full of easy-to-follow action steps, this book is focused on taking practical action rather than just thinking about it “one day.”  Inside of The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide To Fearless Business Finance, you get introduced to the simple and effective way to truly partner with the Lord in your business and see what is really possible when you open up the doors of your financial house to Him!


In wrapping up this final post on “Freedom in Finances for Believers in Business,” I hope these resources will be a blessing to you on your financial journey as they have been to myself and countless others! If you have a resource you’d like to share, please leave a comment below or join us inside the Christian Women Business Builders free FB group and leave a post there sharing your favorite resources! 

money mindset resources

money mindset resources

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