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From Stressed to the Max to Making $ During Play Time

While this is ultimately a story about how a stressed out Mom of 3 went from working full-time to starting a profitable furniture painting business that gave her the ability to make money while staying at home with her kids, it's more than that....

It's also my real-life story of stepping away from the dream of owning a bustling home decor store and design business to stay at home with my 3 boys and the beginning of a whole new chapter...

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to start all over again, to try something new and scary, and to step out in blind faith, then this story is for you.

Stepping Out in Faith

Flash back to Spring of 2017...I'm 6 months pregnant with our "surprise" third son, our now-too-small home is on the market, and the landlord of our decor store has announced that our lease-to-own agreement is now a "need to sell as quickly as possible agreement". 

Stressed much?

It was at this point of sheer uncertainty that I first really acknowledged the voice of the Lord calling me to step away from the business that I had painstakingly invested time, money, and passion in for the last decade to trust Him in something new.

I ignored the promptings at first, denied them a few more times, and finally accepted them for the directions they were and my business partner and I decided to close the store.

Now the questions really began.... Now What?

  • Now what am I if I'm not a business owner and desiger?
  • Now what do I do? Stay at home? Look for another job?
  • Now what about our budget? Can we survive on a 1-income budget as a family of 5?
  • Now what does my future look like? (Certainly not the picture I had painted out in my head!)
  • Now what does my faith really look like once it's being tested in real-life?


Transition Time

Once the store closed it was only a few weeks until baby boy #3 made his appearance and then a month after that we accepted an offer on our house. A whirlwind couple of months of packing, moving, and setting up a new house with 2 active boys and a newborn flew by and I found myself in the middle of autumn before I even caught my breath. 

Winter came as it always does and it was time to really think about what I should do next. While our family was doing ok on one income. I desired to contribute to our finances while still being able to stay home with the boys.

Knowing that I wasn't open to joining any MLM businesses, I started brainstorming ways I could make some money while staying at home and engaged with our boys. After reading a ton of articles on " Make $$$ Filling Out Surveys" and "Making Millions by Blogging", I knew that there had to be a better way.

One idea that kept coming to the front of my head was to write a book. I always dreamed of writing a book and the time seemed right. Researching different paths to getting published, led me to signing up for a self-publishing school, which led me to writing my first book, which led me to flying across the country to attend a business/book intensive with the intention of to honing in on my goal of starting a new business.

New Beginnings

It was during that business intensive that the Lord revealed His vision for stepping into my calling as a Christian Women Empowerment Coach and the foundation for Christian Women Business Builders (CWBB) began.

Once home, I was on fire with the vision the Lord had given me for helping other women build businesses of their own. I jumped feet first into the process of building the new website and doing market research on what women needed and were looking for when starting businesses. 

The reasearch led me to the realization that so many women have the desire and the yearning to start their own businesses, but they lack the confidence and access to actual business opportunities that they could start on their own without investing a ton of time and money up front. 

With that "Aha" moment in mind, I set out to create a business that could be profitable, easily built, and required little training or up-front investment. I wanted to build and go step-by-step through the exact process of starting and growing a business so I could teach other women to do the exact same thing successfully. 

The goal was to start a business completely from scratch, document the process, and then teach other women to do the same thing for themselves. Furniture painting seemed like a perfect fit since no prior experience was necessary, it could be done from home, and it required little up-front money or time.

The Birth of a New Business

Armed with $15 and a business name, I marched down to our local county clerk's office, signed my new Business License, and was officially in business! 

Fast forward to a few months later and I was (and still am!) amazed at the response from the new furniture painting biz. While working the biz completely part-time I was able to help fund our son's private school, pay for our beach time-share, and invest in growing CWBB. All of that from picking up a few pieces of furniture here and there!

With the start of a new year I have the goal of spending more time and focus on growing this little paint business into something even bigger! The profitability factor in the business has allowed me to hire on some part-time help to work on prepping pieces and doing the base coats which has allowed  pieces to be finished at a much greater speed. 

A new focus on growing marketing efforts and on-line presence is also helping to build more sales and more demand! By the end of this year I hope to have sold enough pieces to fund a special family vacation to Disney or maybe even a new car for the hubby! 

That's the great thing about flipping furniture, if done correctly, you can really create something amazing from very little investment to start!

So Now What?

Now that I have a year of experience and success under my belt, I am focused on learning more about building a successful business and teaching other women to get the same results. 

I am passionate about sharing the tools, know-how, and motivation needed to help other women of faith create businesses that give you the freedom to eliminate debt, pay for your kids education or activities, take your family on special vacations, or even buy your husband that "dream car".

No matter your reason, if you're interested in learning more about how to start your own profitable furniture painting business from scratch, with no prior skills or knowledge, please sign up for my FREE 5-Day Challenge below and we'll get started building your business together!


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