B.I.G. goals for your faith-based business

Setting B.I.G. Goals for Your Faith-Based Business

B.I.G. goals for your faith-based business
As a believer in business, you know that the way you do things is a little different than the way the world tells you. The same thing is true when it comes to setting goals for your faith-based business. While the world tells you to set goals based on your desires and plans, at Christian Women Business Builders, we believe that you should setting B.I.G. goals for your faith-based business.
What is a B.I.G. Goal?
A B.I.G. goal for your business is one that checks three main boxes:
When a business goal can check all three of the boxes above, then you are on the right path!
Setting Bold Goals
What does it mean to set a bold goal for your business? In relation to including your faith in the equation, it means that your goal must push you outside of your comfort zone. Your goals should make you rely on the Lord for his provision, power, and favor in order to make them a reality.
If your goals are something that you know that you can realistically achieve on your own, you are limiting your dependence and reliance on the Lord. His ways are not our ways and his thoughts not our thoughts. We need to have goals big enough that we seek Him and His wisdom instead of relying on what has worked in the past or our “brilliant” ideas.
When you set bold goals in your business, you may not always achieve them, but that’s not the point! The point is growing in faith and trust in the Lord to set big, bold, scary goals and then lean into the Lord, his insights, and then start becoming the kind of person that can set, and achieve BIG things in your business!
Setting Impactful Goals
In order for a goal to be impactful, it needs to make a real difference in our life and/or the lives of other people. In fact, the very definition of impact is to “have a strong effect on someone or something.” For our business goals to really matter, they must have an influence beyond the walls (or screens) of our business. They need to make a real difference in the real world.
When setting my own B.I.G. business goals, I like to take some time and really dig into how many people will be impacted by my goals and the positive outcomes that will result. On the days when my own motivation is lacking, knowing that other people’s businesses and lives will be benefited by my faithful action, is a great motivator!
In addition to the motivation factor, our businesses give up an opportunity to shine the light of Christ into the world in a very real way. When our goals impact the lives of others, we are often given the opportunity to speak into their lives. Whether this is giving one-on-one advice, sharing with a news outlet, or being interviewed on a podcast or video, we are able to share our hope with the world when our goals influence others in a positive way!
Setting God-Glorifying Goals
When it comes down to it, ALL that we do in our personal life and in our businesses should be done for the glory of God. In 1 Corinthians 10:31 we are told: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” Keeping that truth at the front of our goal-setting efforts sets us up for long-term satisfaction and contentment.
When we seek to glorify the Lord over ourselves in our business goals, we set ourselves up to serve others from the get-go. It’s challenging to focus on glorifying the Lord without putting a real emphasis on serving his people. In my own business, I’ve often found my biggest personal successes have come after a season of leaning in and serving others, often without the immediate financial return that would justify the time and focus spent.
I personally believe this is part of the Kingdom economy. The Lord searches our hearts for our true motives. When He finds our hearts in-line with his, we are given more opportunity in his kingdom. I’ve failed often in this pursuit at times and put my selfish desires above the good of others. Even then the Lord is faithful to reveal and realign our hearts when we seek Him and ask him to search us!
Setting B.I.G. Goals:
Now that we know what a B.I.G. goal is, it’s time to go set some and start changing our businesses and the world for the better! To learn more about our favorite strategy for setting and actually achieving those big goals, check out our article on “90-Day Goal Setting for Believers in Business.”
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Blessings on you and your business,
Cassie Kitzmiller
Christian Women Business Builders
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