starting a business God's way

Starting a Business God’s Way

Starting a business God's way

Starting a business is hard. Starting your own business in an ever-changing online world while balancing the demands of a young family, while also trying to honor the Lord and follow His plans for your life and business is even harder! Starting a business God’s way is not a challenge for the weak…

I feel you because I’ve been there!

Getting Started

Four years ago, this Spring, I walked away from the business I had spent over a decade building in order to focus on my growing family. I knew they deserved the best of me and were currently getting my “left-overs” at the end of long days pouring myself out in my growing design business.

While I loved serving my clients, taking care of our store-front, and juggling all the creative challenges that came my way, the Lord was showing me a better way to build a business that would allow me to be present and available with my family while removing the income limit that comes with a typical 9-5 business/job.

Seeing the Fruit

Fast-forward 4 years and here I am praising the Lord for his faithfulness in calling me out into unchartered territories and growing me in ways I could have never imagined.

I am now seeing the good fruits from that decision, but it hasn’t been an easy journey to get here. After 4 years I have had the blessing to create an online community of over 1,000 women strong, build a 6-figure coaching business alongside my business partner Heather Dollar, write an Amazon best-selling book, and be featured on numerous summits, podcasts, online magazines, and guest posts.

The Challenges We Face

From that description you may think that everything was rainbows and roses and things came naturally to me thanks to over 12 years of small-business experience….

You would be wrong.

For 3 full years I struggled with doubt in my calling, confusion over how to spend my time, distraction with all the “tactics” out there, and foolishly invested thousands of dollars into coaching and courses that only led me to feel more conflicted over all the opposing and conflicting advice.

It was only in the last year that I finally put my head down, stopped soaking in the “information of the world” and instead truly leaned into the “wisdom of the Word.”

A Better Way

That is when everything changed!

In one year, the Christian Women Business Builders community grew by over 600 members from only organic traffic, the Lord crafted a partnership that led to the creation of a coaching program serving women of faith in a high-level of transformation, and I FINALLY got off the hamster wheel of doubting my abilities and questioning the calling that the Lord had given me.

This year of truly following the Holy Spirit and practicing the principles that the Lord lays out in his word, revealed to me the need for women of faith to have access to business strategies and truths that are straight from the word.

We have access to SO much wisdom and insight into the running of a successful business God’s way, if only we will turn down the volume of the world long enough to hear His still small voice for us.

And sister, He is speaking!

He is Speaking!

He is speaking his truth, his love, his wisdom, and his ways into your life and business right now.

He wants you to know that you are called, equipped, and supported in the journey ahead.

He wants you to trust and see his good plans for you and wait in expectation like a little child for the future that he has in store for you.

How can I say all of this with such confidence?

Because I’ve read it in his word, I’m experiencing it in my own life, and I’ve seen countless women as they uncover the truths for themselves.

And I want the same for YOU!

More to Come:

In the posts to come you will hear more about my heart for creating a new way for women of faith to grow businesses that free up their time, bust through any income ceilings, and build their confidence like never before, but in the meantime I invite you to come and check out our online community of believers in business committed to building better businesses as the body of Christ! Click HERE to join in the fun!

Talk soon,

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I am just beginning my business journey and I feel like God has been calling me to do this for a while. I have had to overcome fear of the unknown and just trust Him that He will guide me.

  2. I am just beginning my business journey and I feel like God has been calling me to do this for a while. I have had to overcome fear of the unknown and just trust Him that He will guide me.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story! God is so God. And I’m grateful that he led me here. I recently just launched my business and I no longer wanna live in fear. I feel like God put this business on my mind and heart for a reason. I’m ready to share my testimonies through my business and so much more.

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