better way to build your business

The Better Way to Build Your Business

better way to build your business

In the last couple of posts we’ve talked about a few reasons why it can be so challenging to build a business that actually gives you that time and income freedom that your heart craves. Today, I’m going to share some good news…there is a better way to build your business that will save you time, wasted investments of money, and free up so much stress off your mental plate!

The Desires of Your Heart

Before we get started into the better way to build your business, I want to take a second to make sure that we have 1 thing firmly established before we move on. IT IS A GOOD THING TO WANT TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS!
Ok, just in case that wasn’t clear enough, let me say it again another way. We are told in scripture that the Lord wants to grant his children the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4) and if we are new creations in Christ and our minds have been renewed, then the desires of our hearts are GOOD things that will benefit and further the Kingdom economy.

That means that as long as your main reason for building your business is good and pure (improve the lives of your family, take some pressure off your husband, pay off debt so you can live free, give more, improve your community, provide jobs and opportunities for others, etc.), then our good, good Father wants you to succeed!

Did you know the word “desire” actually means “of the father” de=of and sire=sir or Father. The Lord places those desires in our heart and when our hearts are redeemed by him, those desires that we can often have such a hard time fully owning and embracing are actually the very things that he wants us to pursue to glorify Him! So incredible!

The Better Way

Now that we’ve established that building a successful business is of the Lord, it should really change how we think about building our business shouldn’t it? If we truly embrace the fact that the Lord has given us the desire, wants us to have our desires fulfilled (Psalm 27:4), has called us to do good works (Eph. 2:10), and has equipped us to complete those good works in Him (2 Timothy 3:17), then don’t you think He probably has some pretty cool strategies and insights on how to make that success a reality?

When we step back from our own striving, hustling, and limited views of reality, and seek the Lord and His wisdom on every single part of our business, then we open ourselves up the supernatural advancement of the power of the Lord over our lives and businesses.

I’ve experienced this increase and advancement myself, coached many women through the same process, and interviewed many very-successful entrepreneurs who have experienced the same power at work and I want it for you!

Start from the Beginning:

The hardest part about this entire process for many of us is admitting we didn’t know as much as we thought we did. We allow our own pride and worldly knowledge to block the valuable wisdom and insight that comes straight from the Father.

This is why we strongly believe that each and every entrepreneur who truly wants to level up their relationship with the Lord and the success of their business, should start back at the beginning. Whether you have been in business 3 months, 3 years, or 3 decades, we have much to learn when we allow ourselves to go back to the basics with God at the lead. When we re-visit those foundational aspects of our business with a humble heart, open hands, and willing Spirit, the Lord works and reveals himself in ways we never thought possible.

How to Begin Again:

In the next post you will read about the simple and yet incredibly challenging opportunity you have to begin again (or for the first time), with the Lord at the center. We will dive into what it looks like to re-dedicate ourselves and our businesses to him and what becomes possible when that becomes the desire of our heart. Until then, blessings on you and your business!

better way to build your business

better way to build your business

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