The Top 3 Small-Business Online Marketing Trends for 2021

Top 3 Small-Business Online Marketing Trends for 2021

The Top 3 Small-Business Online Marketing Trends for 2021

With the whirlwind of 2020 officially in our rear-view mirrors, now is the time to evaluate our current market and start to structure a new plan for marketing your online small business for 2021. To help you create a marketing plan that will set you up for your best year yet, I am going to share with you the top 3 small-business online marketing trends for 2021 based off of my personal research, experience, and interviews with other online marketers.

Trend #1: No Longer Relying Solely on Social Media

If there is one thing that 2020 showed us about marketing our businesses online, is that we can no longer rely solely on social media. From the restrictions, to the noise/distractions, to the controversies, to the time required to be “on top” of the ever-changing algorithms, there are plenty of reasons to swear off of social media marketing for good.
While I don’t recommend throwing in the towel completely, (we love our CWBB Facebook Community!) I do highly recommend implementing marketing strategies that allow you to show up and share about what you are doing on your favorite platform. From there you can invite others to join you and find out more about how you can help them…off of social media!

In 2020 in Christian Women Business Builders, we have started the ball rolling to run the majority of our online marketing efforts off of social media. At this point, I can honestly say it has been so incredibly freeing! For 2021 our main focus is going to be on creating value-based searchable content (like this article you’re reading), sharing on Pinterest, creating conversations on LinkedIn (somewhat a social media network, but really geared towards work-based relationships), and growing our Mighty Networks community.

We will continue to share about what we are doing on Social Media, and will invite anyone interested to come and check it out, but we will not be relying on social media for our leads, and that is a huge game-changer! To learn more about growing your business off of social media, click HERE.

Trend #2: Building Business through Community

As mentioned in the first trend above, one of our main focuses for 2020 and into 2021 is actively growing our Mighty Networks Christian Women Business Builders Communities. The reasons behind this are two-fold:

1) It allows us to focus our efforts in a space where we can directly contact our members, keep an eye on key-engagement metrics, create curated content just for them, and host live events that build genuine connection and rapport.

2) We are in control on our own “algorithm!” One of our favorite things about hosting our own community off of Social Media is that we are no longer competing for the attention of our members with hundreds of other groups and thousands of other notifications. Once members join our private group, they have eyes only on our content and we make sure to show up and serve! (To learn more about the benefits of building your own Mighty Networks community, click HERE!

Growing our own private community has led to 10x higher closing rates for our signature offer with waaaaaaaaaaay less work, stress, and promotion on our part. It truly has been transformational in the way we show up, serve, and close sales in our business and we know the same is possible for you!

Trend #3: Focus In to Grow Up

What does that even mean? Focus in to grow up, means to focus in and commit to selling 1 really inspired offer/service until you reach six-figures and beyond. In my private coaching, lack of focus and offer hopping are the ailments that affect the majority of my clients who are struggling to reach their first 6-figure year.

By committing to one really incredible, inspired offer for a full year (or until you reach your first 6-figures), you are consistent in your focus, your messaging, and who you help. This consistency sets you up for incredible success and gives the market confidence in your ability to deliver. When you’re uncertain of what you offer and the transformation you provide your clients, it’s no wonder they’re not confident to buy!

I hope you enjoyed this look at the top 3 small-business online marketing trends for 2021. Inside our private Christian Women Business Builders communities we have entire programs mapped out where we break down step-by-step the process to creating your own Kingdom-centered business with plans on how to grow to six-figures and beyond! To check out our CWBB Communities, click HERE to learn more!

Top 3 Small-Business Online Marketing Trends for 2021
Top 3 Small-Business Online Marketing Trends for 2021

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