sky rocket your sales

How to Use Your Faith to Sky-Rocket Your Sales

how to use your faith to sky rocket your sales

As a faith-centered believer in business, I bet you’ve found yourself wondering why building a business is so dang difficult some days. If so, I’m going to share with you some simple ways that you can use your faith as a super-power to actually help you sky-rocket your sales!

The Struggle Many of Us Face:

I shared with you a little of my story in my last post and I’ve had the opportunity to speak with countless other women entrepreneurs and I started to realize that we’ve all faced many of the same challenges:

• Uncertainty around exactly what it is we’re supposed to be doing…(Hello possibility overwhelm and idea overload!)
• Doubt over whether or not we have what it takes to be successful. (Imposter Syndrome is SO normal for so many!)
• Distraction from information overload. (How many freebies did I sign up for to get on all these email lists??)
• Confusion over who to listen to and what advice to follow for our specific business. (How many “experts” are there anyways?!)
• Frustration over lack of real, meaningful results. (There has GOT TO BE a better way!)

And here’s the thing, we’ve all been there and we’ve all discovered that while the people out there giving us advice and telling us what worked for them probably have the best intentions (well, most of them anyways…), the thing they are missing is the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit!

How to Flip the Script!

I’m here to tell you friend, when we stop the madness, the hustle, and the striving and take the time to truly build our businesses from a place of divine inspiration and leadership…


Everything! Tasks that once seemed overwhelming, seem possible. Areas that were masked in confusion suddenly get crystal clear. Challenges we were facing with our messaging, marketing, finances, whatever, all start to find creative resolutions.

Sounds pretty amazing right?

The Catch:

Here’s the catch though, there is no 1 “right way” to run your business, no “magic path to the cash,” no “simple formula” you can follow that will guarantee results because each and every business is different! And any coach or program that tells you differently is just trying to get your hard-earned dollars!

I have talked to 4 women in the past week who are currently working with coaches/programs that they are unhappy with. Not because the programs are bad, but because they are just not right for their business models and how the Lord is leading them to show up.

I’ve been there too! I spent over $5,000 with a coach who I just knew would get me to that next level in my business, only to be left more confused and more distracted than when I started with her. Again, not because she was a bad coach, but because her techniques and her advice was not centered around what the Lord was leading me to do in the business He was creating through me!

This lack of counsel with the Holy Spirit in the VAST MAJORITY of coaching programs and online courses/programs out there is becoming a huge problem.

Pressing the Fast Forward Button

I’m so tired of seeing fellow daughters of the Lord who have been called into business and equipped to change lives, defeated, distracted, and discouraged because they fell into the trap of investing their time and energy into programs that were not the right fit at the right time.

Now, I know the Lord can use anything to further His kingdom, but I firmly believe that when we seek him and His good paths for us at every step in our journey, it’s just like hitting the “Fast-Forward” button in our business growth.

There is a better way to build your business, with less time spent, less money wasted, and less stress created. That way is incorporating the Lord and His Holy Spirit into EVERY STEP of our business building journey.

Here are 3 Simple Ways you can Sky-Rocket Your Sales by Incorporating your Faith Today!

1) Start More Holy-Spirit led Conversations: All good things are on the other side of a conversation and the more conversations you have, the more good things are in store! Ask the Holy Spirit for opportunities to have conversations with people who can connect you to the right people to advance your business and then be diligent in making those conversations a priority!

2) Craft More Kingdom-Partnerships: When we partner with other believers in business who have a similar mission, but different gifts, we open ourselves and our businesses up to MAJOR potential for growth. Brainstorm other businesses who are not in competition with you, but have customers who could mutually benefit from both of your services and pray about ways to serve clients at a higher level while increasing opportunities for you both.

For example, I partnered with another coach to create a program that neither one of us could have created on our own. A friend of mine who designs websites has partnered with a copy-writer to create a website+copy package where they both get paid to create incredible websites with great copy! There are so many opportunities when you open yourself up to true partnerships.

3) Create an Offer with Incredible Value: While I know this one may seem obvious, I’m often genuinely surprised by how lack-luster or cookie-cutter most entrepreneurs offers are. We have the opportunity to co-create our offers with the God who designed the universe, so there really isn’t any excuse for your offer to be bland, boring, or cookie-cutter.

The Lord equipped you with an amazing story, huge heart, and pretty incredible set of skills to serve your clients, so stop hiding behind mediocracy and get out there and craft an offer that has your ideal clients grabbing at their credit cards!!

Wrapping It Up:

To wrap things up, there are so many reasons that we struggle with growing a successful business, but we don’t have to make it so hard. We are not in this alone and if we will truly STOP THE STRIVING and start stepping into the power we have through our savior Jesus Christ and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit working in us, we have the potential to do incredible things in our lives and businesses!

To learn more about the better way of building a business, keep your eye out for the next post in this series, and in the meantime, come check out our free community of believers in business HERE!

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