what a successful kingdom-centered business makes possible

What a Successful Kingdom-Centered Business Makes Possible

what a successful kingdom-centered business makes possible

If you’ve been following along with this series of posts (you can find the first one HERE), then you know that we’ve been digging deep into what it really takes to build a successful business that honors the Lord. Today we are going to talk about what a successful kingdom-centered business actually makes possible so we can stay committed to seeing this adventure through to the good stuff!

We’re Not in This Alone:

As the Lord has matured my own faith through the combination of motherhood+entrepreneurship in the last few years, I’ve discovered something that is key to enjoying the success that is to come…

That discovery lies in the power of genuine community that we have access to as the body of Christ.
When I was newer in my faith, new in my role as a first-time Mom, and new in my entrepreneurial journey I fell into the common lie the enemy uses that I am in this alone and I should be able to do it all.

I pray you have never fallen prey to that particular trap the enemy loves to use, but if so, you may have experienced similar symptoms such as:
• Guilt over not being able to do everything up to your own standards. (Forget everyone else’s…mine were high enough as it was!)
• The inability to know how to ask for help. (Needing help meant weakness, and goodness forbid I allow myself to be weak.)
• Fear over not being “enough” to handle this all by myself. (I wish I knew then what I know now…none of us are enough, that’s why we need a saviour!)
• Frustration over everything that needed done but sheer exhaustion over having to add 1 more thing to my plate.

If you have ever faced that lie head-on, then you know just how vile and sneaky it is. We were never meant to do life, motherhood, or business alone and the devil HATES what happens when believers come together because he knows where 2 or more are gathered that Jesus is there and He is defeated!!

We Are Overcomers!

Thankfully, the Lord did not leave me in that lie, but through his loving kindness he took me from a place of hating to ask for help and trying to do everything myself, to actually building a business around a community based off of doing business as the body of Christ!

Where I am weak, He made me strong and he wants to do the very same thing for you and through you!
Where you are now weak, through His loving kindness he can make you strong. And the best part, you don’t have to do it alone!

Doing Business as the Body of Christ:

We are told in 2 Corinthians Chapter 12 that we are each a part of the body and we are all to work together. You have a very important role that you were designed to fill and when you stop trying to be every other part of the body as well as your own, you are able to fully step into the special and unique role that he has for you to fill!

Not only that, but as you lean more on the rest of the body of Christ, you are able to help advance the body! When we each show up in our own role and partner with the rest of the body of Christ who are showing up and living in their roles, then ANYTHING is possible! Not only it possible, but it releases the power of Christ in an entirely new way because He is able to work through us in new and exciting ways!

What This Makes Possible:

One of the most exciting aspects of what partnering with the body of Christ makes possible is the rapid advancement inside our own businesses. When we are not pressured to fill all the roles, make everything happen on our own power, and show up for all the work, then we are free to do the work that we were uniquely designed to do, that lights us up, and that delivers incredible results!

I have seen this happen over and over again, yet it excites me every single time! In my own life I went from stressed out and trying to do #allthethings and actually accomplishing little to nothing of importance, to showing up in my strengths as a coach, encourager, and community creator and doing work that lasts! I have the opportunity to work alongside incredible women, oversee a small team that gets me and the work we’re doing, and best of all….I get to spend more time with my family than ever before!

Next Steps:

If this sounds like some of the dream that the Lord has put in your heart, you’re not alone! There are hundreds and thousands of women out there who love the Lord, feel called to impact their small part of the world, and want to open themselves up to the power of working and building in community.

For more information on how to make this possible for yourself and how to partner with other women of faith on a similar journey, keep your eyes open for the next post on “Not Your Average, Every-day Business School!”
Until then, blessings on you and your business!

successful kingdom-centered business

successful kingdom-centered business

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