Why the World Needs More Christian Women Owned Businesses

What the world needs now....

Is love, sweet love. That's the only thing that there's just too little of.

This popular song from the 60's seems to be even more true in today's violent times. That is the exact reason why the world desperately needs more businesses that are owned by passionate, God-fearing, disciple-rearing women of faith!!

In all honesty, there are loads of secular businesses doing really great things in the world today. In my experience, Christian women  owned businesses really go above and beyond the others in 5 unique ways:

1: Christian Women Owned Businesses Are Counter-Cultural

The business world can often be a cut-throat, winner-takes-all kind of atmosphere. Women of faith not only talk-the -talk, but walk-the-walk when it comes to the idea that there is enough for everyone and that we are all stronger together.

From local meet-ups to facebook groups helping to encourage Christian women in business, faith-filled women believe and live the example that we all grow when we lift each other up. 

Some of my best clients have come from referrals from other Christian women with similar businesses, and anytime I'm not a perfect fit for a client. I always have my list of referrals close at hand!

Tip: Look for Christian women meet up groups in your local area or request to join the Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network on Facebook!

2: Christian Women Owned Businesses Are Abundantly Generous

Business donations and generous giving are fairly common when you look at secular businesses, but the impact of giving from Christian women owned businesses goes far beyond just monetary tax write-offs at the end of the year.

Businesses owned by women of faith are often abundantly, exceedingly, generous. They give of their time and their skills as often as they give out of the checkbook.

I recently was blessed with the opportunity to make a purchase that supports an amazing missionary thanks to the abundant generosity of several Christian, women-owned businesses.

This amazing woman of faith, Lisa,  is a faith-centered blogger who moved her family of 8 to the Ukraine to serve and love the people the Lord has placed in their path. While there she has fallen in love with a property that would allow her family to make a huge impact in that community so Lisa reached out to other businesses to help make headway on her dream.

Thanks to the generosity of these other businesses, Lisa was able to create an incredible package of downloads, guides, e-books and trainings valued at over $200 for only $19! The entire amount raised went straight to the mission field because each and every piece of content was donated by amazing Christian women!

Now that is the body of Christ working together the way it was meant to! (To check out Lisa's blog and learn more about her ministry, be sure to check out www.gracefulabandon.com!)

3: Christian Women Owned Businesses Impact their Communities in a Real Way

While we're on the topic of generosity, let's talk about the way women of faith like to love on their communities! If you know a Christian woman who owns her own business, I can almost guarantee you that she is a part of some charity, cause, or special-needs group in her community.

Women owned businesses are serious champions for their communities, their favorite causes, their local schools, their churches, and favorit charities. Without dedicated women volunteering their time, resources, and hard-earned money, our communities would certainly feel the impact!

4: Christian Women Owned Businesses Invest in Others

While not every woman of faith who owns and operates her own business is a mom, many of us would all agree that we have the desire to nurture and care for our employees and loved ones as much as possible.

I have had the honor of being mentored by a wonderful Christian woman who loves her employees as family, while still giving them the skills they need to make their own way in the world.

Through the years I have personally witnessed this God-honoring lady take a customer to the back to pray with them personally, dig through the store until she found some snack-bars to feed a struggling homeless man, lead an employee to make a decision to follow Christ, and love on countless others in multitude of ways.

This is just one woman, in one small town in Tennsessee. Can you even imagine the impact that women of faith are having in lives all across the world?!


5: Christian Women Owned Businesses Lead from the Heart

One of my favorite things about Christian women-owned businesses is the way they lead their business from love.

When the world tells them what they "should" do to make more profit, when the business guru's tell them they "have to" do this new thing in order to survive, and when the devil whispers that they're wasting their time, these strong women of faith lean in, pray harder, and lead their businesses in the way the Lord commands.

This very obedience keeps these businesses open and successful against all odds because their clients and customers know that they are being served out of love. Love, service, and generosity are the principles taught to the original disciples thousands of years ago, and those same principles are being used to impact the world today.

Now It's Your Turn!

If you connected with this article and are saying some silent (or not so silent) Amens, then let's put some action behind that excitement!

If you have been feeling the call of the Lord to step into the business realm and build your own Business with Impact, then please accept my free E-Book below on building a business with Impact. 

If you are not on the path to business ownership, then you can still make a big difference by supporting other faith-owned businesses (Bonus points if they're women owned).  Your financial support allows them to invest back into their communities, families, churches, and favorite causes in a very real way!


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    My name is Audrey, I am a Christian and a single mother of three children. I am going to college in my late 30’s and I have many goals for myself, including starting a woman-owned restaurant. I was wondering if you can offer and starting point advice, I want to start doing that I can now to be as prepared as possible when it comes time to make dreams become reality.
    Thank you for your time,

    Audrey Suacerman

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